this still exists!

hi boys. hope this finds you all well, especially those of you i don’t get to see on fb! tell me something about you!

for about 10 years — gosh that’s a fuck of a long time — i haven’t been able to watch movies at the theater, and only sporadically at home (that’s one of the things extreme agoraphobia can do to you). a couple of days ago i managed to watch Jason Bourne, which was awesomely rewarding (it took two tries so i paid double; also, the movies have become so expensive, and there are no longer people to sell you tickets). my first time in the theater in a decade. strange strange strange.

i wanted to ask if you have movies that are not hugely depressing (like say the dardenne brothers, or lukas moodysson, or Fruitvale Station), that happened in the last ten years that you would recommend. mike started a best-ten-movies-of-the-last-10-years list on fb but i can’t find the thread. also some of you are not on facebook.

about Jason Bourne, well the sheer joy of the big screen was pretty overwhelming, in spite of also feeling a bit anxious. i don’t care for car chases and twisted metal in general, but all the chases (car and otherwise) were so balletic and so beautifully choreographed, i felt great pleasure in watching the film in spite of the thin thin plot and the fact that the head of a major division of the CIA is played by a 25 y.o. woman (the only female character), when all the male characters are played by potential or actual grandfathers.

finally, since this blog was last active, tv and web series have taken over our lives, so i am wondering if anyone feels like a resurrection?

hugs to all of you!