2005 Thus Far

Thinking about the best films of 2005 (released domestically thus far) and I’m stymied by the sheer mediocrity of most everything I’ve seen. I can think of one film I hope will be on my list at the end of the year: Howl’s Moving Castle. After that I can only come up with four lesser films to fill out the list: Millions, Crash, Mysterious Skin, and The Cinderella Man. How about you? Here are a list of films I’m anticipating. Any responses or suggestions for 05 films to look out for will be appreciated: The Best of Youth, Me and You and Everone We Know, March of the Penguins, Happy Endings, The History of Violence, Kings and Queens, Elizabethtown, Jarhead, The New World, Brokeback Mountain, King Kong (I think the trailer is awesome), All the King’s Men, Broken Flowers.

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  1. I was all set to suggest The Woodsman, then I realized that it came out in 2004. So… Lords of Dogstown, Sin City, and Battle of Algiers (OK, I saw it in 2005, even if it came out in 1966, so I’m counting it).

    BTW, did anyone see House of 1000 Corpses? I saw an extended preview of Devil’s Rejects, and I’m sure it’s crap, but it had a certain Wild Bunch quality.

  2. It’s been a rather rotten first 6 months for the big budget films hasn’t it?

    I suppose that we could spend our time and dollars going to see Bergman’s Saraband, but to me, it looks like Bergman is once again ripping of ideas from Richard Linklater (Before Sunset).

    Still, Joan Allen has appeared in three well-reviewed films this year so far: Upside of Anger, Yes (Sally Potter) and Campbell Scott’s Off the Map. I havent seen these, but I’m interested in Upside and in the Campbell Scott movie.

    So we should give Joan Allen a half-year Oscar and be done with it.

  3. OK, I saw Lords of Dogtown but I found it to be too pumped up with unnecessary adreneline (rowdy when it should have been rough around the edges). All of Venice Beach proved to be one big skate park and the boys hooted and hollared a lot more than any cool skate kid should (and the cancer boy subplot seemed grafted on). Still, I liked it too. What was Heath Ledger up to? He seemed to be channeling Val Kilmer’s Jim Morrison. His was a fun performance to watch, and I have to give him credit for taking a few risks. It makes for a nice companion piece to the doc.

  4. I watched Dear Frankie last night with Nicola. It’s a two-hankie love story between a thirty-year-old seaman and a nine-year-old deaf boy (luckily the boy’s mom is shabby chic so all that desire has an appropriate place to land). We both loved it! Yeah, we were in tears but the film doesn’t feel too manipulative. The characters’ Scottish burr keeps the relationships drier than normal (everyone maintains a appropriate amount of emotional distance and wry senses of humor abound) and the end is not what you might imagine. Worth a rental though I doubt it will end up on my year end’s list.

  5. I’m not really sure what’s coming. Gilliam’s movie maybe? Many of the ones on Jeff’s list. I’ve heard interesting things about “Matador,” and Spielberg’s next film sounds very interesting–and Tony Kushner wrote (or substantively rewrote) the script. Also: “A Cock and Bull Story,” Michael Winterbottom’s take on _Tristram Shandy_, with Steve Coogan.

    Cronenberg, Jarmusch are the most intriguing, though.

    I’m kind of stumped about best films of ’05 so far. I, too, would put “Woodsman” on my list–c’mon, who saw it last year other than a few critics? Other than that….I have a few films I’ve liked quite a bit, Layer Cake most recent (and probably among the best). And Kung Fu Hustle. But… I’ve had a lot more luck on dvd.

  6. Okay, I looked at imdb. Here’s a few others:

    The Aristocrats. Memories of Murder (Korean, and a couple years old). Sympathy for Mrs. Vengeance (Korean). The Constant Gardener. Dear Wendy (Dogme folks).

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