Summer Club

Okay–a proposal. We are (obviously) already starting conversations, suggesting films, following up on others’ suggestions and entering into discussion…. but for the summer months, I’m proposing that every week or two, someone suggest a movie that we all (or many) try to see, and jump into conversation on. I might suggest picking something less familiar, or an old favorite not recently seen, or insert-motif-here. But what the hell: let’s say anything goes. I’m not even going to suggest a timeline or anything. I’m just going to offer up the open-ended proposal.

If you’re interested, post on a flick–Summer Club: “X”–and those of us who are interested will track down said flick and watch it, too. I will wait a couple of days and do one of my own.

Obviously, I am trying to take my mind off tonight’s Sopranos closer, which I will see in a few days, thanks to Jeff.