the last king of scotland

remarkably, if the search i just did is reliable (it didn’t look very reliable), no one has posted on this yet. we just saw it, at the theatre no less, and it was a well well spent $9 (it’s a cheapo theatre). forest whitaker is, of course, fantastic (did he win an oscar? i can’t remember and i don’t feel like checking); but it’s not just him. the whole cast is really good, gillian anderson is there only long enough for us to appreciate how good her english accent is and how damn beautiful she is, and james mcavoy, whom i had never seen before, looks a bit like russel crowe and is very attractive indeed. i don’t know any of the african (or meant-to-be-african) actors, but i really thought the ensemble was most effective. this is, however, indisputably, whitaker’s film. what an actor. Continue reading the last king of scotland