bridge collapse in downtown minneapolis

jeff, mike, all well? please check in when you can.

we were on the 35 this afternoon, but nowhere near that bridge–though i think we went over it on sunday.

9 thoughts on “bridge collapse in downtown minneapolis”

  1. All’s fine with us. We rarely cross the river, and when we do not by that bridge. I may have been on it twice in the last 9 years.

  2. Which bridge? I’m about thirty miles from Canada at the moment . . . so we’re all fine (thanks for asking). I’ll have to surf over to the Strib to find out what happened.

  3. now that we have ascertained everyone is all right, are you guys how close enough to hang out? have you already seen each other since arnab and sun-hee moved to the great american north?

  4. Arnab’s hiding–perhaps already deeply entrenched in the Northfield heroin traffic–so he only communicates with me via this blog. Sun Hee may be either an accomplice to Arnab’s reclusive crimes or an unwilling victim thereof.

    I think they’re about 35, 40 miles from us–I imagine we’ll manage to hang out some. Jeff and I hang out fairly frequently, ‘though I had no idea he was in Canada. Probably tied to that heroin traffic.

  5. Yikes, while I rarely drive 35W, I travel over that bridge every time I attend a theatre production at Theatre de la Jeune Lune and the Guthrie Theatre so I’ve been on it far more than six times. What a sad, sad mess. I just hope there is no one I know involved. That being said, and selfishly so, my heart goes out to all of the families who are not as lucky as ours.

  6. I too hope to see Arnab again and meet Sun-Hee for the first time. I’ve never been to Northfield though I hear its very posh. I am luckly (or should I say blessed) to see Mike and Kris and Max on a regular basis. No heroin here (wouldn’t recognize it if there was) and I’m not quite in Canada . . . just a few miles from the border on the north shore of Lake Superior, which is, I should add, stunning. We should all meet up here next summer to put names together with faces while screening Antonioni and Bergman films 24 hours a day. Maybe levened by a healthy dose of the Marx Brothers, W.C. Fields and The Three Stooges.

  7. yes, i think blessed is the word. i haven’t met max, but i remember that when i caught even tiny glimpses of mike or kris on campus, my day would acquire a special kind of luminosity, an almost spiritual intensity, a transcendent joy. it was amazing.

  8. we are country folk now, and suspicious of these big city slickers and their hybrid cars.

    we plan to go up to the cities once every other month, so we should bump into these people at some point. perhaps at the mall of america? we were right by it today at the ikea. actually, we are deeply offended that mike has not shown up to help us unpack and whatnot.

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