Edge of D……

The latest Mel Gibson film is a welcome return to a grim ………………………I’m sorry what? What’s the–why are you here? Oh. I … I dozed off there. Oh. Oh yes–the Gibson film! Right, it was a move in the right direction, all that revenge stuff making Gibs…….


………….Huh? Was it–did–again? I am so sorry. This film seems to induce……


I’d say this was a bad film but an excellent narcotic.

13 thoughts on “Edge of D……”

  1. . . . ok, I guess I’ll simply put that one back in the envelope and on into the mailbox. If it’s any worse than that Liam Neeson/white slavery revenge melodrama from a couple of years ago (Taken?), then there really is no need to move forward.

  2. At least in that one, stuff happened. Stupid, silly, aggravating stuff. But in the Gibson film it’s j…….

    I’m sorry. It’s hard to get a handle on it.

  3. It’s time to put Mel down. After all, why allow a poor dumb animal to suffer? It’s not right. Plus, muscular white Christ is waiting (along with a roomful of Russian hookers, no doubt) in the afterlife. To hold his ashes, a tasteful carved box with his name on it is provided by the vet for an additional $240.

    Now that I have hit middle age, I am hoping for a good revenge spree to give me a reason to live. It’s enlivened Liam and Mel.

    I am looking forward to the big screen version of the old Carol Burnett segment “Edge of Wetness.”

  4. Invictus was a careful, thoughtful accounting of a key sports m……..

    Moment! What? I… oh yes. It is very respectful. Morgan Freem…..

    Shit. What? I nodded off again. They played some sport. I do recall that. Beefy Matt Damon had an accent. Boy, Eastwood sure does love reaction shots! But no I kid, because this movie was very adult and thou…..

    I guess you could read this in light of Eastwood’s long oeuvre of revenge films, deconstr…..

    Shit. Never mind.

  5. Invictus was playing on the plane. I didn’t pay much attention, but it looked so flat and sluggish nonetheless. Gues, I’ll send Green Zone back without giving it a look. Thanks for the tip.

  6. He regrets no doubt being one of the scumbag liars. I love the photo–here’s a vial that looks like one that might contain anthrax, if Saddam had anthrax. And here’s an album by the band Anthrax which might give you a very sharp paper cut if you took the sleeve out too quickly. And here’s some Gold Bond Medicated Powder which might look like anthrax and is hard to get off the bathroom rug if you spill it…..

  7. Red starts promisingly, with a bit of directorial zip as credits roll and retired badass Mel Gib–er, Bruce Willis–casually grabs up his daily dose of pills. Old people kicking butt! But as he was attacked by a well-armed cadre of…..sn…buh–HYUNH–what? Oh, I passed out there.

    Jesus this film was boring. It makes me want to set up a snoozearama double-bill with The American.

  8. Yeah, at 110 minutes it’s comic rhythms were woefully out of whack. I fast-forwarded through about 70% (while also watching the Australian Open). As Elmore Leonard proclaims: “Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip.” (thank you Wikipedia). Li Na, however, kicked some blond woman’s ass!

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