24 thoughts on “Whoa!”

  1. for a bad reason though. we got hacked. everything was being redirected via pages in russia. your computers are probably all infected now. and i hope none of you logged into your online banking after clicking on anything in the blog. i am not even kidding.

    to make us feel better i am going to leave the pretty pictures on the front page.

  2. i don’t know how i feel about comments loading newest first. i do like that comments are threaded though. i should poke around the dashboard and look into the features of this thing. are people interested in turning on facebook like/share links and the like?

  3. I’m not sure about the Russian stuff, but I’m less than fond of change and miss the old format. Why doesn’t the new site recognize apostrophes? Umlauts? Odd Swedish letters?

  4. You can blame me . . . sure . . . but I really did get an ugly virus a couple of weeks ago. Are you telling the truth about the Russians? Cynics? Why does Gio hate us all now?

      1. You’ve done nothing at all. I miss your presence. I was being silly. Actually, I miss everybody’s presence on this blog. I fear we’ve all been colonized by Fb and Twitter and Osama Bin Laden’s mittens. I should write more myself, but we’ve definitely slowed down the conversation.

        1. you put a fb reference in your anti-fb comment! i haven’t been hijacked by fb. too many of the films discussed here are not for me. it got boring. i do <3 you jeff!

  5. Wow, I’ve never read our spam comments before. Fascinating! Even more so than my own comments. Moncler jackets! You are fantastic! But I still does good! Hi!

      1. it’s not a wordpress issue; it’s an issue with the hosting service where our blog resides. a large number of sites on the service have reported the same/similar issue. redirect or other code is being “injected” into php files (forums, blogs, cms etc.). given how many sites are reporting this it is unlikely to be happening on a site by site basis, but is due to some kind of server level exploit. i have changed the server passwords and added some extra security layers, and have just re-installed the software. hopefully, this will now solve the problem and i won’t have to whack this mole again in a week or so.

        if you’re on a windows machine, make sure you run a virus/malaware scan, and keep your security software up to date.

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