don delillo writes a movie

game 6. it is about baseball and co-stars griffin dunne. i assume this means that mike is currently out watching it. apparently, this is delillo’s first screenplay.

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  1. Yeah, this has been in the works for some time. I’d be there if it was anywhere within 100 miles of here. DeLillo’s been writing plays for years, which probably means nothing. And–misbegotten though it sounds–Barry Sonnenfeld is adapting _White Noise_ for the screen.

  2. hmmm a sonnenfeld white noise does sound dire. i can’t think of who would be good to capture the off-kilter rhythms of that book. soderbergh maybe?

  3. Soderbergh’s not a bad candidate; Noah Baumbach, Nicole Holofcener, and Miguel Arteta also come to mind as masters of precarious tone.

    I’m not sure I’d even bother with _White Noise_. Years ago John Malkovich planned a version of _Libra_, but was beaten to the screen by the execrable Oliver Stone JFK, so instead adapted it for Steppenwolf Theatre. I’ve only read reviews and publicity around it, but… it sounds astonishing. Laurie Metcalf played both Ma Oswald and the hairless David Ferrie.

  4. Saw this. Good–for DeLillo fans, a lot of recognizable rhythms and tropes… but still funny, smart, engaging. Keaton is stellar as a playwright wandering the city on opening night, dealing with his lies and his loneliness; certain supporting cast are equally in sync with the weird off-beat patter D.D. writes (Bebe Neuwirth in a short slapstick sex scene; Catherine O’Hara as Keaton’s long-suffering wife; Harris Yulin as an actor in the play, suffering from severe short-term memory loss), some not so much. It ends a bit neatly, and nicely, but it’s a nice small no-budget accomplishment. And you don’t need to know or like baseball to get into its central McGuffin, ‘though a little bit of the fan makes the picture a lot more interesting.

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