September 11

Has anyone else seen this anthology film (I believe it’s been mentioned elsewhere). 11 short films from an international group of directors. Why do I feel that the collection is a failure, albeit an interesting one. Part of the problem lies in the idea of an “international” perspective on the event I think. Is there such a thing? How is it distinguished from an American perspective. This post derives from the thoughtful commentary provided by Gio at our books site and my somewhat less thoughtful response, claiming that Americans understand 911 in a different way than most of the world. Thoughts? Is the event “ours” not “theirs?” If you’ve seen it, any thoughts on individual segments?

films that don’t hold up

i remember liking lost in translation a lot when it first came out. i watched most of it again last night on ondemand and discovered that i didn’t really care for it at all, that all it is about really is the pan-desirability of scarlett johansson (i think i’ve now spelled her last name 12 different ways in the last year). it would be a much better film if the female lead were not someone who causes everyone’s chest to hurt when they look at her.

however, i am ready for a 10 disc boxed set of scarlett johannson from various camera angles and distances.