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No wolves or vampires here, just zombies. Do we have a Walking Dead thread? I was wondering if anyone else is a fan. I am, and would like to talk about it. We now do TV, right? Hello?

Okay, I’ll throw this out there: Sarah Wayne Callie is the weakest thing in the series. Her acting is so bad at times it makes me cringe. Here’s a tip, Sarah: when you need to emote powerful feelings, do NOT lift your head up slightly, breathe deeply, and look around wildly EVERY TIME.

Strongest thing in the series: Spike Milligan. He’s my favorite.

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead

  1. I have watched both seasons so far. It is enough to keep my attention (obviously, since I’m still watching) but I generally find it disappointing in comparison with the graphic novels. It moves painfully slowly (more slowly even than the zombies), and the decision to spend so long in one place (most of season one at the Atlanta camp and all of season two on the farm) has the result that it is repetitive, with essentially the same arguments being rehashed over and over. How many times did we see Rick and Shane arguing about whether to take over Hershel’s farm or off Randall? And Lori too rapidly morphed from someone torn between her attraction to two men, and the loyal wife.

    I admire the attempt to make the series about the relationships among the survivors more than the zombies, but whole episodes went by with barely a sighting of a zombie, and frankly, these actors cannot carry a show on character development alone. A zombie show without zombies? More zombies dammit!

    There have been some great moments, my favorite being the final scene before the mid-season break, when the barn opens and Sophia walks out, but overall the glacial pace and redundancy built into each episode gets annoying fast.

    Perhaps the prison and arrival of Michonne will be an improvement.

  2. Agreed. But I couldn’t stop watching. Alas…

    and this is a small spoiler, I suppose, for those of you not through with season 2

    Spike Milligan gets ripped open in episode 11, so I have not much hope for the show now. He helped sustain my interest when the characters started to grate on me. The upshot, of course, is that if a character gets too much to bear, you het some relief when he/she dies. As was the case with Shane. But the audience was supposed to root against Shane. But what about Carl? I can’t stand the little fucker. I tolerate Lori only slightly more. And I mean the actors, not their characters.

    The only characters I can imagine spending a season 3 with are probably Maggie and Glen. Some real Screwball potential there. Daryl is okay, too, I suppose.

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