a few recently watched genre films

looper. pretty good but a little overhyped, i think.

lockout. yes, it is escape from new york in space. and yes, it’s a luc besson production. but goddammit, guy pearce is magnificent as a knowing action star knock-off. worth watching for that reason alone. alas there are as few people of colour in the future in this film as in looper.

sorum. a south korean film, billed as horror, and certainly utilizing many horror film tropes but not really a horror film; or at least you’ll be disappointed if you come expecting genre goosebumps. but it is really quite good, with some great performances and a very bleak view of lives on the fringes of global capitalism and the dislocations and ruptures of community attendant on it.

One thought on “a few recently watched genre films”

  1. Guy Pierce seems to be enjoying himself at the moment. There was Lockout, then his turn in Prometheus (including the web extras, like his over-the-top TED talk), and he looks to be having a ball in the trailer for Iron Man 3. A good place to be as an actor.

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