harold and kumar; better luck tomorrow

Okay, I also enjoyed Harold and Kumar immensely. Definitely better than dude where’s my car–actually didn’t like this much. Back to H&K, despite the enjoyment I was a bit troubled by the way it dealt with racism. Its basic position was that what goes around comes around; the racists will get what they deserve in the end, so Harold and Kumar need not get directly involved. A bit troubling? (I still feel bad for the convenient store clerk who was deserted by the two.)

A very different kind of movie but similar in its Asian American connection, Better Luck Tomorrow, also seemed to skirt around the problem of racism. The movie’s interest in class issues was interesting, but that seemed to have resulted in failing to treat with satisfaction what seems to be the more foundational problem of racism.

harold and kumar make me happy

many things could be said about harold and kumar go to white castle. in an ideal world it would be enough to merely note that it contains the following:

*the all-time greatest pee in the woods scene
*the all-time greatest truck ride with a man named freakshow
*the all-time greatest fantasy with a bag of pot
*the all-time greatest ride through a forest on the back of a stoned cheetah scene
*the all-time greatest sing-along to wilson phillips scene
*the all-time greatest english women taking noisy shits scene
*and for those watching on dvd, the all-time greatest dvd menu sequence

but this is not an ideal world and more may need to be said. here it is:
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