Rental suggestions

How about suggestions for the huddled masses about what to rent, next time you sign on to your queue (or, for those well behind these Netflixy times, next time you ask your local troupe of theatrickal performers to put on a show)?

My suggestions:
John already mentioned “California Split,” which I second. I think it’s Altman’s best film.

“Mikey and Nicky”–Elaine May’s astonishingly dark sort-of-gangster flick, with Peter Falk and John Cassavetes. (Favreau’s “Made,” which isn’t too bad itself, gets most of its inspiration from this film.) Falk is astonishing.

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coffee and cigarettes

we watched this last night. a mixed bag.

really likey: blanchett; molina/coogan; the old codgers at the end

likey: waits/pop; the lees/buscemi; gza/rza/murray

not likey: wright/benigni–though this must have seemed like a great idea on paper

blah: everything else

amazing though that this was filmed over 17 years–even when it doesn’t work it holds together really well. does anyone know when the individual segments were shot? was the buscemi/lees elvis conversation shot during the filming of “mystery train”? looking forward to jarmusch’s next feature.