let us not go to “the village”, it is a silly place

well, actually all his movies are silly–the plots immediately disposable and not worth holding up to much scrutiny. but shyamalan usually does a very good job of keeping you going till you get to the twist ending. i don’t know if i would watch his first three movies again (not only because they might not be fun once you know the twist) but i enjoyed all of them while i was watching them. he is a master of his genre, making really expensive b-movies, and he always scares me (but i do admit i scare easily). the problem with this one is that it is more dependent on dialogue than the others and shyamalan just doesn’t write dialogue very well. however, the atmospheric stuff, the sound, the music, the lighting–all of this is exceptional.

more on the movie below but proceed only if you don’t plan to see it

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