Face Down, Ass Up

Hey! I know you’ve been missing me terribly here, but the last movie we saw was The International. I have nothing interesting to say about it.

I thought this would be the best place to pose this question because I don’t have an e-mail address for Mauer, and I know Arnab and Reynolds at least will be able to help too. It’s a weird request that is guaranteed to bring down the tone of the blog. But it’s cultural if not related to film.

My dad has asked me to create a CD of “butt songs.” Continue reading Face Down, Ass Up

Strictly Ballroom

Because we’ve become entranced by that dance show on TV–how could they get rid of Lisa Rinna? Jerry Rice sucks!–I decided to (re)watch Strictly Ballroom. Pete swears we watched it before, but I don’t remember it. I think I might have started watching then went to bed. Because it is just that dull. I forced my way to the end this time. There’s too much love story and too much earnestness for it to be a mockumentary, but some scenes just don’t play any other way. In fact, I think the cartoonishness undermines Fran’s transformation. We’re supposed to like her, to root for her, but she’s surrounded by these women in crazy make-up with stupid hairdos–it’s too easy to come out on top. And why would anyone want to be on top of that? The more realistic stuff (the contemporary dance scenes, the Paso Doble “the dance for the man!”) just seems out of place in the garishness of the father’s story.

The Penguin Short

It seems appropriate that a post on Rob Zombi should be sandwiched between posts about animated films about bunnies and penguins.

I forgot to mention that even better than the Wallace and Gromit film was the Madagascar Penguins “A Christmas Caper.” It was funny, engaging, and damn those penguins are adorable. Since it was only 10 minutes long, I’m not going to write any more.

Plasticene on the Big Screen

We went to see Wallace and Grommet: Attack of the Were-Rabbit on Saturday. I enjoyed it. I suppose if it takes you five years to make the clay move, you have plenty of time to think of a story. It wasn’t original, but it was solid with nods to the genre. I felt a little ripped-off that the bunnies (whence the were-rabbit) looked so slapdash, I mean, they had five years to make them. It scared the kids, and there are a couple of funny double entedres that indicate it’s not really for them anyway. The best part is that I now know how to revive Pete should he die.

The Five Year old Darwin & March of the Penguins

I took the kids to see March of the Penguins yesterday. I have no freakin’ idea why I didn’t realize Bad Things were going to happen in a Nature Documentary, and I’ve scarred another five year old for life. (The 4yo was more freaked out by the trailer for Corpse Bride, and I cannot for the life of me think why the MPAA thinks that trailer is “approved for all audiences”.)

The movie moves at a glacial pace. The penguins trek to their mating spot 70 miles from the sea, often staying awake for two weeks to make the hike. I felt like I had stayed awake watching for two weeks. Of course, all drama is provided by mother nature. Freeman’s voice is soothing, but not comforting enough that the kids Continue reading The Five Year old Darwin & March of the Penguins