Maggie at the Movies

My grandmother sees every movie that comes out. She’s much more qualified than I am to contribute to this blog. Too bad she doesn’t own a computer.

So I offer you her recent reviews, fresh from her snail mail.
“Closer–Julia Robert’s latest–okay–Jude Law. Also, ‘Flockers’* –funny.”
*dba “Meet the Fockers”

3 thoughts on “Maggie at the Movies”

  1. I think this whole blog should be written that way.

    Aviator–Leo–saw his tushy–Alan Alda’s a strange one. Also, Persona–funny.

  2. I love the online casino and slots machine get to post easily their phrases about morality, yet my posts need to “await moderation” sitting in some sort of cyber-purgatory.

    the injustice…

    Zombie Honeymoon, which I saw last night kind of blows. Amaturish; bad pacing. (pacing is a particular problem with zombie movies I think.) The female lead was cute in a not-Hollywood way though. There was a funny premature ejaculation joke, and a half-funny joke about vegetarian zombies…

    Most exciting thing: I think Rik Mayall was sitting behind me.

  3. Arnab – I’m pretty sure we used to be able to edit our own posts (so that I could correct the spelling of words like amatuerish before all you PhDs snicker to yourself).

    why that?

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