Shaun of the Dead

This movie is one of my favorite attempts to render Englishness. The heroes of The Full Monty come through despair and learn how to pull themselves up by their bootstraps through cheek and pluckiness. The heroes of Shaun of the Dead go to the pub, when they manage to get off the sofa. Their mothers don’t want to cause a fuss even when gnawed on. I love how everyone’s a zombie before they become zombies.

Also, it was cool when that irritating guy got pulled apart.

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  1. this is a scary movie? i thought it was a comedy. not that i’ve seen it yet–it won’t come off “very long wait” on netflix. such a tease.

  2. It’ll scare you, Arnab.

    I liked seeing a couple folks from “The Office” pop up. (And, by the by, Martin Freeman is starring as Arthur in the new film of “Hitchhiker’s Guide…”)

    What impressed me the most about this film was that it was a film, not a series of sketches or a parody. And I’d say more but Pete’s sweet, short take on its “Englishness” seems better than anything I could ramble on about. Although irresponsibility . . . . ah, never mind.

  3. just finished watching this–great stuff. i am completely insulted that you people thought i’d find this scary. i am glad to know that my first-person shooter skills may come in handy someday.

  4. The annoying twat guy is Dylan Moran – who is worth watching in a British TV show that may be on BBC America and was briefly on Comedy Central called Black Books.

    It’s about an alcoholic misanthrope that owns a used book store.

    Not on ‘region one’ DVD though.

  5. Just a note on region-freedom. I went to London last month and bought the box set (boxed set?) of Not the 9 O’Clock News in the hopes that my Dell laptop would play it, which it did (it will play any region). I should have bought more DVDs–all the Ali G specials, the League of Gentlemen seasons 2 & 3, etc. Oh well, I can get this stuff on

    Why don’t they sell region-free DVD players in the U.S.?

    “They?!! Who the hell is thhheeeey?!”

  6. I have yet to track one down, Arnab. After a little prelimiary research, I discovered this: you must have a PAL-NTSC converter built in to your DVD, and none of the Circuit Cities, Best Buys, Sears, or independent retailers deal with sell DVDs with this converter (apparently owing to the studios’ desire to control the sales of DVDs globally. Since movies are released at different times throughout the world, a region-free DVD would undermine foreign ticket sales). Anyway, from what I understand, it’s tricky installing them on your own (though you can buy them, they are legal). But there’s no “official” region free model offered by any of the majors DVD manufacturers (Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic, etc.)–to U.S. consumers, anyway.

    But, Arnab says otherwise. Arnab: where are region free DVDs sold? I can find only online dealers (who obviously install these converters themselves and then pass them on to consumers).

  7. in L.A. every storefront in Chinatown sells region free DVD players.

    Our DVD player broke last year and we bought another, AGAIN, that was not region free, which I guess is ok, b/c it keeps me from buying DVDs I will only watch 1 or 2 times. (I suggest the internet co. Nicheflix once you get a region free DVD player).

    The fact that I can’t watch the rest of League of Gentlemen, or Black Books – and probably a lot more good stuff is irritating. Mostly for League of Gentlemen though.

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